Reform Studio's Plastex

Reform Studio is a good example of a business that was born out of pure creativity. Egyptian women, Hend and Mariam, as well as Dina, decided to contribute in their way to tackling the waste problem in Egypt. They focused on the plastic bag and experimented several times to see how these bags could be reused.

With these experiments, they came up with a fabric called Plastex, made of interwoven plastic bags and threads. They didn't just stop there, but decided to co-found Reform Studio to use this new Plastex as an input into something people use everyday - stools and chairs.

We wanted to change the perception of what a plastic bag is; not to be viewed as trash but rather as a resource, a plastic material that can be used to produce beautiful products.
— Reform Studio

Plastex gives their products that unique edge that differentiates them from other furniture designers and makers. This differentiation ultimately comes from them re-thinking their inputs and making responsibility and environmental conservation a core of their business and their products.  We should note here too that where differentiating your products also implies that you need to spend money to gain this differentiation, the use of Plastex, which uses plastic bags that would have been wasted, is really cheap! This makes Reform Studio even more competitive. See some of their products below.

Reform Studio is also proud that their Plastex weaving is contributing to the revival of the ailing Egyptian weaving industry.