Sculpting With Ocean Sole

No one can deny that lounging and playing on beautiful beaches are some of the pleasures of traveling, or even just of weekends. Oceans are beautiful, but industrialization, and just plain laziness and disinterest on our part, have made pollution of beaches an increasingly serious problem. The waste we leave behind has negative impacts on all marine life…and it’s getting worse. But interestingly, one of the common things we leave behind on beaches are our flip flops, and here’s where Ocean Sole comes in.

Ocean Sole, a Kenyan flip flop recycling company, prides itself in cleaning up beaches and creating masterpieces…with the flip flops they find! They create colorful products – pencil tops, sculptures of animals, fashion accessories like cuff links, fridge magnets, and key chains are only some of the merchandises on sale. The flip flops turn out to look like the playful What’s more, for every purchase, 5% – 25% goes back to their ocean conservation foundation which educates people about marine conservation.

See some of their work below:

Many of Ocean Sole's products are in zoos and aquariums around the world.

Shop Ocean Sole here.

Via Muse Origins and Atelier Fifty Five