Repurposing Your Car Tyres

You never really think about what happens with car tyres until you have to change yours. Mostly, they end up in landfills, but of course this isn't ideal. First, the way they are shaped means that they take up much space when they shouldn't have to (a whole 75% void space). Also, they can trap the methane gases that are ubiquitous in landfills and make this methane. even more toxic in the landfill. Tyres could also end up in stockpiles, but these can catch fire easily and even burn for months! Or they can become breeding grounds for vermin and mosquitos.

The good news though, is that technology has made it possible to easily recycle tyres, and there seem to be many companies that do this. For example, tyres can be recycled to make other tyres, used to make fuels, used to make cement, and used to make asphalt. Tyres can also be reused in manufacturing, e.g. using it as shoe soles and even to build whole homes.

But what if you don't have easy access to these tyre recycling companies, or to manufacturers who use tyres in their products? How about repurposing them? There are relatively simple and easy ways to repurpose your old car tyres, especially if you're creative or want to flex your creative genes. I've found some lovely ideas from around the web. Check them out below - you can use them as flower pots, garden/outdoor furniture, fruit holders (fruits which you can peel off the outer layers though), magazine holders, ice buckets, and of course, the classic swing.  

Ideas from Design Rulz and Bored Panda. There are also many more creative ideas on Pinterest.