Astronaut Kelly's Inspiring Earth Images

NASA recently concluded a one year experiment on how being in space affects our bodies. And Astronaut Scott Kelly was the willing subject, with his twin brother back on Earth as the control. But what made the public take note of Astronaut Kelly was his stunning pictures of the Earth, confirming that we really do live on a beautiful planet! 

Astronaut Kelly took pictures of the Earth from above, almost every day from the International Space Station. The station goes around the Earth once every 90 minutes, giving him ample time to snap away. I first found his Earth images via Twitter and I've been hooked ever since! He tags a lot of his images as #EarthArt, and for good reason. These images inspire me to take action for the preservation of our environment and all the ecosystems that depend on it. Click on the pictures below to see the slideshow:

See TIME's documentary of A Year In Space here. (Images via PC Mag)