Our Business Sustainability in Nigeria Series - It's A Wrap!

When Jennifer Uchendu and I connected, we were (and still are) constantly amazed at how much we share. We have both taken different paths in the industry, but there are so many areas of convergence. And so, when the idea of having a series on business sustainability came up, it was a no-brainer. We had to do it together. 

Jennifer founded Susty Vibes, an online platform that showcases sustainability news, stories, campaigns and trends from Nigeria and Africa. The rate at which it's growing is unprecedented. I'm hesitant to even call Susty Vibes an 'online' platform because the team does a lot of offline campaigns, trainings and events. It's really a movement. And so, hosting this Business Sustainability in Nigeria Series on Susty Vibes was a no-brainer too.

After 13 weeks and 13 articles, we are pleased to announce that we are done...for now. The series has shaped up to be a simple guide on how a Nigerian business can start off on their journey towards business sustainability. Please see the articles below, and feel free to click on each link, or pick the topic that interests you the most to learn more about it. 

Part 1/13: What is business sustainability: Basics about the definition of sustainability and what people mean when they say 'business sustainability' in terms of people, planet and profit. Read here.

Part 2/13: Key business sustainability concepts: Discussions around five key concepts businesses use to implement business sustainability, including corporate philanthrophy, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), ecological footprint, circular economy, and stakeholder engagement. Read here.

Part 3/13: Why should businesses care about sustainability: Outlining the key benefits of making your business consider the triple bottom line of people, planet and profit, as opposed to the traditional single bottom line of profit. Read here.

Part 4/13: What does a sustainable business look like: Outlines what you should look out for as you attempt to identify a business that practices sustainability principles as opposed to a more traditional business model. Read here.

Part 5/13: Between Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and business sustainability: Attempts to differentiate between the two concepts, and what characterises each of them. Read here.

Part 6/13: How does a business become sustainable?: Outlines practical steps which a business can take in their journey towards business sustainability. Read here.

Part 7/13: How does a business create a culture of sustainability?: Outlines practical steps which a business can take to incorporate and mainstream sustainability principles into their business model, so that sustainability becomes 'the way we do things around here'. Read here.

Part 8/13: How does a business finance sustainability?: Outlines practical means by which businesses can find the financial resources they need to fund sustainability and green initiatives. Read here.

Part 9/13: Is 100% business sustainability really achievable?: Discusses the controversial argument of whether business sustainability is simply an unattainable wish. Read here.

Part 10/13: Guardians of business sustainability: Outlines the national and international organisations which govern business sustainability issues in Nigeria. Read here.

Part 11/13: Critical success factors for business sustainability: We round up with explicit statements about critical factors that influence the success of conceptualising and implementing business sustainability initiatives. Read here.

Part 12/13: Adiya's practical experience working with business sustainability: I speak about my journey with business sustainability in Nigeria. Read here.

Part 13/13: Jennifer's practical experience working with business sustainability: Jennifer speaks about her journey with business sustainability in Nigeria. Read here.

We hope you had a good read. Meanwhile, but we have compiled these articles into a comprehensive e-book for your reading pleasure. Of course, it's for free because we want everyone to learn about how their business can be sustainable. Visit the Freebies page on this site to download it. 

FYI: Images by Le Bowii & Bunmi Odunowo.