Interview: Hello Mobidoc

I'm excited to get more insight about this social mobile app, co-founded by Timi Aiyemo, called Mobidoc. Timi is working with Abi, Ogor, Dr. J and Deborah to create and deliver the ingenious healthcare mobile app to address difficulties in healthcare access in Nigeria. 

With 80% mobile penetration, 30% smart phone penetration, and 56% internet penetration as at 2016, Nigeria has one of the highest mobile penetration rates in Sub-Saharan Africa. At the same time, it has one of the worst healthcare statistics in the world - according to the World Health Organization, Nigeria is 41 out of 47 African countries in terms of life expectancy. Given these odds, it's great to see mobile being used to address health in the country.

The app, Mobidoc, is a platform that lets you talk to real doctors at your convenience, either publicly or privately. On Mobidoc, the community shares knowledge about health issues when people ask & answer questions. Timi graciously talks about why we should use Mobidoc.

So what gave you the idea for Mobidoc?

Honestly, I can't take sole credit for the idea. It was in part due to long conversations between I and my co-founder Abi that we decided it will be great to create a platform where people can have remote consults and still have fun while at it. We know the current challenges being faced in the health sector with respect to the general inadequacies in access to health centers and the abysmal doctor to patience ratios. In contrast, we are having a mobile tech boom. So lets complement each other and let health meet you. Hence Mobidoc.

Why do you think people would use the app?

Well for one Mobidoc gives you convenience. We aren't boasting that it will solve all your health problems right now, but we are working towards that everyday and learning new ways to deliver quality health care at your convenience. Also, we are cheap and we offer free consults on signup. We also do not like making assumptions; hence why every Mobidoc User has a medical profile just for her/him and that profile is carried through from consult to consult. Also, all records are transmitted securely because we care about the sensitive nature of health records. The reasons to use Mobidoc are exhaustive and we do hope that people come on board.

What about the doctors? Why do they get on Mobidoc?

Value proposition - and this comes in two parts that are split from one major value...REWARDS. Convenience on Mobidoc plays in two ways; not just for the patient, but also for the doctors. They get rewarded for every participation made on Mobidoc and these rewards aren't just limited to finance. Also bear in mind that all these come also at the doctors convenience because all they need is a data-enabled phone or device. Secondly, what doctor doesn't love to offer the service they were trained for? So, there's the service satisfaction as well as the rewards, just to mention a few.

How would you make money on Mobidoc though, with all this free advice?

Public consults are free while private consults are not. We also aren't a drop-in replacement for hospitals and we know that...hence, we have strategic partnerships for location aware referrals to our partner locations depending on the severity of a case. There are other micro financing considerations within our system that are based on enterprise usage.

Lastly, what has been some of your proudest moments since you started Mobidoc?

Normally one would start this response with "I want to first praise master Jesus for..." but I'll just skip it. Frankly for me, it was the coming together of probably the most formidable team I have ever worked with and how we all had a common mindset and zeal to get things done. We haven't touched as many lives as we want to but we aren't relenting, and after so long, we still have that drive. Being part of the Mobidoc team is my proudest moment so far and next are the lives we have touched so far.

Mobidoc is available for free download on the Google Play & Apple App stores. They also share useful health information via their twitter account.