ISOS Group Sustainability Reporting Training

I had a chat with ISOS Group about their upcoming GRI + CDP training holding in 3rd – 5th April 2017 and hosted by PWC in Lagos, Nigeria. The chat was an opportunity for ISOS Group to share why the training is necessary, why they chose Lagos, Nigeria, and what participants should expect. Also, it was a good platform for others to ask questions about the training. See the full chat below:

Tell us about ISOS Group

ISOS Group is a full service sustainability reporting consultancy specialized in GRI Standards, CDP and GRESB. It is a mission-driven BCorporation supporting global brands, sustainability professionals for CSR and climate change. ISOS Group is a leader in certified sustainability trainings such as GRI standards and CDP, and is preparing the next generation of CSR professionals.

Tell us about the GRI + CDP training

GRI Standards are the leading global standards for sustainability, climate change and ESG disclosure. GRI-certified professionals are recognized globally for sustainability and ESG expertise. ISOS Group’s first GRI standards and CDP training in Nigeria is on April 3-5 2017. Register here.

What particular benefits can professionals get from participating in the training?

Professionals will learn how to:

  • Operationalize sustainability, build CSR governance and improve risk management
  • Build the business case for sustainability transparency
  • Define materiality of ESG data, sustainability impacts, etc., and use for investors
  • Set up systems for sustainability big data, report on climate change, and engage with stakeholders

How should participants prepare for the training in order to get its full benefits?

Participants can:

  • Review the new globally recognized frameworks – GRI standards and 2017 CDP guidance
  • Think about challenges and opportunities and how sustainability and CSR impact your organization
  • Bring a few favorite sustainability reports from African/Nigerian companies

This is your first training in Lagos – why did you decide to offer the training here?

Thanks to PWC Nigeria for the invitation; leading Nigerian CSR practitioners are interested in learning the latest sustainability requirements. Nigeria is ready for the next level on sustainability disclosure and transparency. The Nigerian government and the Nigerian Stock Exchange plays crucial roles in supporting economic growth via sustainability practices.

What do you want to see happen by the end of the Lagos training?

Looking for local Nigerian sustainability leaders to put lessons into practice and drive change in the new economy. Increase in ESG sustainability reporting in Nigeria will be a clear sign of transparency. GRI standards and CDP standards will empower Nigerian new generation as recognized business leaders.

In response to questions, ISOS Group confirmed that:

  • At the end of the training, participants will receive recognition directly from the Global Reporting Initiative for GRI sustainability knowledge.
  • The trainings are designed for new and current sustainability practitioners working with companies, cities, governments and NGOs
  • The training will teach participants how to track and report sustainability data in accordance with the global standards requirements and get them introduced to big data sustainability platforms such as Measurabl
  • Anyone interested in sustainability in business can attend as their focus is on building the next generation of professionals approaching business from a sustainability angle
  • Participants who sign up now can pay in Nigeria at the event!

Other participants noted that:

  • Real people should get the opportunity to attend and that the training result should be felt
  • ISOS Group should consider offering the training in Naira because of the FX scarcity in Nigeria
  • ISOS Group should approach banks in clusters (aiming at sustainability champions in banks) – but note that the banks may be interested by there may not be a budget to accommodate the training on a short notice

Update: The GRI training was successfully held in PWC offices. There were also several guest presentations in between the training (including one about technology from me), which were quite insightful. The training was interactive and hands-on, and covered the GRI standards, with practices using different Nigerian sustainability reports.

For more information about the training, please visit ISOS Group's Website