Elvis & Kresse to the Rescue

Elvis & Kresse is a British accessories company with an inspiring story! They follow a simple model, but which has both environmental and social considerations at its heart – they rescue, transform, sell and donate. Elvis & Kresse was founded in 2005 with the mission of rescuing old and decommissioned fire hoses. It seemed a noble mission; fire hoses are made to rescue people, and it made sense for them themselves to be rescued! The company has made stylish red bags from these hoses and continue to do so. Currently, they have expanded their rescue mission to include other worthy decommissioned materials. For example, they use old parachute silk (to line their bags and wallets and to package their products), old printing blankets, old leather (surprisingly, about 35,000 tonnes of leather waste is generated from the European luxury industry), old coffee and tea sacks, old shoe boxes (for their packaging and labeling), and discarded auction banners.

“We dream of a time without landfill, when everything is recycled or composted. Between now and then we know there are far too many incredible materials that will either languish underground or suffer the indignity of incineration; when that happens we lose, we lose quality, narrative, and the opportunity to do something great. So we intercede, choosing story laden materials of incredible character, and do everything we can to ensure their second life is as long as possible.”

The company uses these old materials, works some handcrafting magic, and turns them into beautiful new finished and stylish products, such as bags, wallets, belts, key chains, notebooks, cuffs, and phone cases. Furthermore, after the sale of their products, Elvis & Kresse donates up to 50% of their profits to charities related to the materials they rescue. For example, 50% of their profits from their fire hose range is donated to the Fire Fighters charity. Other donations have been to WWF, Help for Heroes, Comic Relief, British Forces Foundation, the Costa Foundation, David Williamson Rwanda Foundation, and several others.

Elvis & Kresse recently became a B-Corporation! If you’d like to get involved in their story, visit their website and purchase one of their beautiful items. 

Story via Aduna and images via Provenance