Skates and Shades


Plenty of time, broken sunglasses, excellent craftsmanship skills and a creative imagination led South African skateboard ramp builder Dave De Witt to start creating stylish wooden shades from old skateboards! Since De Witt’s experimentation, his company, Sk8Shades, has collected used and battered skateboards from all around South Africa, particularly from Durban. They encourage skaters to trade in their old skateboards in exchange for brand new skateboards and sunglasses (using a point system). Giving these skateboards new and fashionable life in the form of the handcrafted sunglasses goes a long way to reducing the number of skateboards thrown away in landfills.

Sk8Shades has also evolved from making only sunglasses to crafting sunglasses cases, wallets, and jewelry boxes from these old skateboards. 

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