Air-Ink: From Pollution to Beauty


Indian startup, Graviky Labs, have launched an innovative process to produce ink entirely from air pollution from car emissions. The ink is called Air-Ink! This is inspiring in that it’s the first of its kind and it aims to solve one of the biggest environmental issues in cities. The ink is typically used for art purposes, which makes it even more inspiring because pollution is being re-purposed into something as beautiful and emotive as art.

Their 0.7mm round tip marker was made with approximately 40 minutes of diesel car pollution and their 50mm wide tip marker was made with approximately 130 minutes of diesel car pollution. How does Graviky Labs do this? They use their proprietary technology to capture the soot emitted from vehicles’ exhaust. The heavy metals and particulate carcinogens are detoxified with the end product being carbon-based pigments. The carbon is now put through another process to make different inks and paints. You can watch the short video below.

In the end, Air-Ink not only does not require fossil fuels to create it, like other inks do, but it reduces the amount of pollutants in the air. Air-Ink is current on Kickstarter to raise additional capital to scale up production and brink Air-Ink to a lot more artists. Please support their on Kickstarter campaign here.