The Sustainable Development Goals Expert Report

Nigeria has been very much involved in the crafting and now the implementation of the SDGs. But questions still abound about how achievable they are, and the approach Nigeria can use to achieve them. The ad-hoc SDGsComic team decided to seek the answers to these questions from those who would know best – experts with vast experience in their individual fields, with each of these fields being the focus of one of the 17 SDGs.

The interviews with these experts were held live via Tweet Chats. The chats were held weekly from 2nd May 2016 to 29th August 2016 and with interesting inputs from the general public. Each expert provided their insights into why their goals are important, the current state of the goal in Nigeria (and in Africa), what we can do as a nation to advance the goal, how implementation of the goal can be funded, and key success factors necessary for the achievement of the goal’s targets. 

The SDGs Expert Report compiles these interviews in one place, and is a rich resource on the localization of the SDGs in Africa and Nigeria in particular.

Download the free report here.

Also download the free comic explaining the No Poverty goal here