Timberland x Thread Collection

Timberland, the popular outdoor lifestyle brand, and Thread International, the responsible waste-to-fabric maker, teamed up to launch the Timberland x Thread collection last May. Thread’s 'Ground to Good' fabric is made out of plastic waste found in the landfills and streets of the poverty-torn Haiti, and Timberland has used this fabric to produce beautiful boots and bags.

The beauty of this new collection is two-fold. First, the designs are undoubtedly beautiful…you would pay good money for these, and you wouldn’t even know that the fabric was made from such an innovative process. It looks like business as usual – adding just as much value as it would have done with conventional fabric. And it’s Timberland, so you know that it is premium quality!

Secondly, for each product you purchase, you unwittingly contribute to social and environmental good in one of the least developed countries on the planet. This is priceless. Thread’s innovative fabric manufacturing process, coupled with Timberland’s demands for the fabric, has ensured that waste collectors in Haiti get more business, and more non-biodegradable plastic wastes are diverted from landfills and streets. From this collaboration, more than 30 million gallons of water have been saved, 15,000 pounds of pesticides have been avoided, 77 income opportunities in Haiti have been created, and more than $2,000 additional revenue created for bottle collectors and collection centers.

The process from waste to fashion product is described below (as seen on Timberland’s website):

  1. More than 1,300 Haitians collect plastic and sell it to 50 Haiti-owned and operated collection centers
  2. Center owners and individual collectors transport and sell sorted plastic to Haiti Recycling and ECSSA in Port-au-Prince plants
  3. At Haiti Recycling, the production line washes and shreds the bottles into a raw material called Flake. Flake is then sent to the US
  4. US-based factories melt and shape the Flake into a fiber that is woven into fabric
  5. Timberland purchases this high-quality fabric to create bags and boots

Don’t you just want to rock this collection? That knapsack in particular is calling my name:

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