Recycl Lab by Adrien Vinet

Adrien Vinet is a genius recycling artist! He uses all sorts of old and rusty  Iron coat hangers, netting, rusty nails and screws, cables, wires, other small pieces of metal. He is inspired by everyday iron waste and seeing the possibility in each discarded piece he finds when he goes on walks. 

Recycling is very exciting when it comes to bringing back abandoned materials. It seems to me that to recover it, to see a new form and a new meaning, is to respect it again. The walks become a treasure hunt and each small object thrown away, abandoned, will find its place in the final puzzle of a sculpture or a robot. The raw material is (unfortunately) infinite, and I like to imagine that this gesture of recycling material thrown into an object of art also challenges us on our way of life.
— Adrien Vinet

See several of his upcycled sculptures below. I honestly couldn't pick my favorites, which is why there are so many on here. He truly tells a story with each one, whether it's a man escaping in the dead of night (guess which one of the sculptures that is), a demon or an angel (guess that too)!

See more of his work on his website.