Fancy New Life to Shipping Containers

The use of old shipping containers for small shops is not a new concept. But what I've been seeing recently is how these container designs are really being given new life. A lot of these container designs are so re-purposed that they are truly impressive. And not just re-purposed as shops only, but as homes too. This is upcycling at its best!

I looked through the web for some shipping container designs and these are my favorites.

One last note though - there seems to be some debate with regards to just how environmentally-friendly these re-purposed containers are if you have to put in tremendous amount of work to insulate it and make structural adjustments for example. Also, you need to be careful that the containers didn't carry toxic content in its past life. There are certainly lots of considerations when upcycling a shipping container, but one this is for sure - giving it new life is way better than trashing it.

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