Parables, Prints and Purpose


Yinka Ilori is a product and furniture designer bringing something special to both London and Lagos – both of which are his ‘hometowns’. Yinka defies the traditional breed of designers who start designing from scratch, and instead gets inspiration from furniture that seem like they have reached their end of life. He essentially seeks to give these discarded and abandoned pieces of furniture (many of which he finds around London) a ‘second chance’ at life and new purpose!

He uses discarded and broken furniture and remolds them into colorful pieces which are sure to catch anyone’s eyes. He is inspired by Nigerian parables and colorful African print, both of which were large parts of his life due to his parents.

What makes Yinka’s creations even more interesting is that each of his restored chairs has a name and a story behind that name. This is appealing to both gallery viewers (he has successfully exhibited his chairs numerous times) and home owners alike.

Also appealing are his collaborations with others who aim to make an impact – for example, has worked with social enterprises in London such as the Restoration Station which provides opportunities for recovering addicts to restore and sell tools, toys, furniture, etc.

Yinka’s designs are proof that old furniture doesn’t have to be thrown away – they just have to be re-imagined.