Forest Wool - A Unique and Innovative Material


Tamara Orjola is an Eastern European designer who is redefining furniture as we know it. Tamara has matched her curiosity with innovation, and has developed a proof of concept for a new furniture material.

Tamara saw a glaring waste in the way pine trees are felled and processed in Europe. Pine trees are actually the most common source of timber in the world, and Europe alone cuts down up to 600 million pine trees annually! The wood itself has so many applications, including for furniture. But what happens to all the pine needles that go to waste – and there are a lot of them as they make up about 30% of the tree’s mass.

Tamara had to go through several experimentations to come up with a material made from pine needles, which she is calling Forest Wool. She spent a year developing a technique to refine pine needle fiber to textiles, paper, furniture and even construction materials. Read more about her process here. Some of her proof of concept work is shown here – from stools to carpets.

Tamara ultimately wants to bring this innovative material to scale, and in doing so, promote the use of a resource that manufacturers have long since just thrown away.

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